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Jennifer Abel has been practising since 1971 and is a fully qualified member of The Guild of Professional Beauty Therapists, and operates from the Essington Clinic Ltd on Tuesday’s only.

 Electrolysis Hair Removal, the permanent hair removal option, has been around for some 50 years with excellent results, and is an alternative and safe permanent removal of superfluous hair. 

Electrolysis is very skilled and takes time and despite other technologies such as IPL (laser) electrolysis hair removal still has a very important place. It has several advantages over IPL and Laser for small or sensitive areas and for the removal of white or grey hair growth with no melanin content, which IPL is unable to destroy.


How it works

This epilation technique produces heat, using a high frequency, short wave diathermy current to cauterise the hair at its follicle. This current is channelled through a very fine needle to the desired area.

The use of disposable, pre-sterilized needles also minimise the risk of infection.

How often are Treatments Required?

A consultation is essential prior to treatment, to discuss all individual requirements, and the length of each sitting.

Treatments are required at regular intervals, decided upon at consultation, to effectively eradicate the hair at its final stage of re-growth.  

Each sitting will decrease in time as the hair growth becomes weaker and less apparent, and following this the interval of time between each appointment will increase.

Who is Suitable for Electrolysis?

Almost any age group and gender are suitable for Electrolysis treatment and around

 90% of women suffer from superfluous hair, either because of a hereditary factor or trauma occurring after childbirth, menopause, drugs and certain physiological conditions which in turn can upset the hormonal balance.

 The majority of areas of the body are suitable for treatment and the more commonly treated areas are:-

 Facial areas including hairline, eyebrows


Breast area around nipples


Back and lower back



Seborrheic Wart Removal

Seborrheic Wart Removal– (compacted keratinised tissue. Sometimes known as Senile Warts) require a doctor’s note to confirm removal by cauterisation is suitable.

This gentle method of cauterisation means there is no scarring and after care is minimal, making sure the area is kept dry for 24 hours to allow the natural healing process to take place.

Skin Tag Removal ( Raised Fibrous Growths) Pedunculated Papillomas

Skin Tags are those irritating little pieces of flesh that hang away from the skin surface.  They are easily dealt with usually in one session and with no harmful side effects.  They quite often appear around the menopause, and often hereditary.

The areas where they are most likely to appear are the neckline and around the underarm, under the breasts and across the torso to the waistline and the back.

Thread Vein and Spider Naevi Removal

Facial  thread veins are small surface capillaries and are most often seen on fragile skin.  The treatment consists of 'tapping' along the length of the capillary and sealing the blood vessel and cauterising the surface.

The area worked will be pink for around 2 hours and should be treated gently.  A calamine powder can be applied to ensure the area is soothed and dry, and the area is left alone for 24 hours to allow the natural healing to take place.

Spider Naevi Treatment

Spider Naevus have a central blood spot with tiny capillaries radiating from it.  They are dealt with in a similar way to thread veins with excellent results.


Treatment Costs


20 minutes **14.50

30 minutes **18.50

40 minutes **21.50

60 minutes **25.00

 Wart and Skin Tag Removal

15 minutes **35.00

30 minutes **45.00

45 minutes **65.00

 Facial Thread Veins

15 minutes **35.00

30 minutes **45.00

45 minutes **65.00 (Maximum sitting for this treatment)

Jennifer Abel operates from the Essington Clinic Ltd on a Tuesday of each week.

A 15 minute Consultation is bookable and free of charge

Less than 48 hours notice of cancellation may result in a charge of *10.00

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